HP Sprocket Photobooth – Mounting Options

This document is for the HP Sprocket Photobooth.

Option 1: Tabletop Setup 

  1. To make the photobooth stand freely, simply pull the adjustable stand in the back of the device. 
  2. Adjust the stand to your desired height. 
  3. Place the photobooth down on a flat surface. 



Option 2: Door Mount

   1. Pull the adjustable strap through the top of the device. 
   2. Click the strap buckle into place.  
   3. Pull on the strap to adjust it to your desired length. 
   4. Place the door hook over the top of the door. 
   5.  For extra stability, use the complimentary double-sided mounting tape. 

            a. Remove the adhesive backing on one side and attach it to the back of the device. 
            b. Remove the adhesive backing on the opposite side and attach it to the door to secure it in place.


Option 3: Wall Mount

   1. Find the place you wish to install your Sprocket Photobooth. 
   2. Using a pencil, mark two holes where you wish to install the device.  
   3. Use a ruler to ensure holes are evenly placed. 
   4. Using the pencil marks as your guide, drill two holes in your desired location. 
   5. Insert the included wall anchors into the holes. 


  6. Position the wall bracket over the anchors. 
  7. Fasten the bracket into place using a screwdriver and the included screws. 
  8. Place the photobooth on the wall bracket. 
  9. Press the switch on top of the photobooth to secure it in place. 


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