Supremely Portable

Bring the joy of photo printing with you anywhere you go! The Sprocket’s compact design makes it easy to capture moments on the go.

Sticky-Backed Photo Paper

Your pictures are now as versatile as your printer. The HP Sprocket prints 2” x 3” sticky-backed photos that add personality to photo walls, scrapbooks, and more.

Larger, Bolder Photos

With prints that are 30% larger than the Sprocket, the HP Sprocket Select gives you larger, bolder prints.

Exclusive Embellishments

With the HP Sprocket app, you get an exclusive collection of stickers and frames made only for your Sprocket Select.

Frame-ready 3.5” x 4.25″ prints

Print glossy, high-quality photos from your smartphone that are fade-resistant, tear-resistant, and smudge-proof.1,4

Unlock Your Creativity

The HP Sprocket app gives you everything you need to express your creativity. Print collages, photo cards, and more.1


Put smiles all together. Turn several happy pictures into one incredibly dazzling photo.

使用 HP Sprocket 应用程序让照片栩栩如生









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HP Sprocket Specifications

Share the fun

Get the paper you need to share your moments.

Share the fun

Get the paper you need to share your moments.

1.需要 HP Sprocket 应用程序。
3。某些贴纸、框架和其他内容仅向 HP Sprocket Select 用户提供。需要 HP Sprocket 应用程序。
4。图像永久性估算基于暗存储空间中的 HP Sprocket 4 x 6 英寸(102 x 152 毫米)相纸。
6。需要 HP Sprocket 应用程序。基于平均打印照片和移动电源充满电,在打印照片之间无需手机充电。
7。蓝牙是其所有者拥有的注册商标,由C&A Marketing, Inc. 根据许可使用。