HP Sprocket Photobooth – Printer Does Not Connect or Print 

This document is for the HP Sprocket Photobooth.

Here are some solutions to try if the photobooth does not connect or print. 

Step 1: Check the Power Connection

The photobooth might not be plugged in. Ensure the AC adapter is connected to the device and a wall outlet and try to connect or print again. 

Step 2: Turn On the Device 

The photobooth may have automatically shut off. Make sure the ZINK photo paper is loaded and press the power button to turn the printer on. If the issue persists, move to step.

Step 3: Load Paper 

Follow these steps to load Zink photo paper. 

   1. Unwrap a pack of HP Sprocket Photobooth 3x4” Zink Photo Paper, being careful not to touch the glossy side.
   2. Press the groove on the door and slide in the direction of the arrow to open it. 
   3. Load the Zink photo paper stack into the door pocket, ensuring the barcode on the blue calibration sheet is facing left, while the glossy side faces right.
           a. Insert either 1 full pack (10 sheets + corresponding blue calibration sheet) or 2 full packs (20 sheets + 2 corresponding blue calibration sheets) at a time.
   4. Click the door back into place. Once the calibration sheet is done processing, the device is ready to use.  


Step 4: Connect to Wi-Fi®

A Wi-Fi® connection is necessary to maintain your device’s connection with the app. 

   1. To connect to Wi-Fi, click on the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner of the Photobooth home screen or select “Settings,” then “Network.” 
   2. Slide the bar next to “Enable Wi-Fi” into the on position. 
   3. To connect to your network, select your network from the menu, enter the password (if applicable) and tap “Connect.” 


Step 5: Connect to the HP Sprocket Photobooth App

The photobooth may be experiencing some technical issues. To get real-time notifications about issues such as paper jams and errors, as well as firmware updates, make sure you’re connected to the HP Sprocket Photobooth app. 

   1. Download the HP Sprocket Photobooth app from the Apple App Store® or Google Play® Store. 


   2. Make sure your Photobooth is connected to Wi-Fi® (see Step 4 for more information). 
   3. Press button to turn the printer on.

   4. Open the app and select “Add a new device.”
   5. In your Photobooth, click on “Settings,” then select “Mobile app.” 
   6. A QR code will appear on your Photobooth. Scan it from the app and wait 30 seconds for the app to pair. 
   7. Finally, name your device and press confirm.
   8. For more information on the HP Sprocket Photobooth app, see How to Use the Photobooth Notification App 


Step 6: Contact the HP Customer Support 

If you completed all preceding steps and the issue has not been resolved, contact HP Customer Support by emailing info@sprocketprinters.com or calling 1-877-424-9746. 

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For more information, go to Using the HP Sprocket App