Sprocket 2000 连接不上蓝牙

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我有一个马力链轮 2000。起初它第一次工作正常,它打印出来,我已将其更新为最新的公司,但是我让它充电,然后我回来使用它然后发现它已断开连接,所以我尝试重新连接它。由于它没有重新连接,我决定删除该应用程序并重置链轮。它仍然无法通过蓝牙连接,甚至不会作为选项出现在我的屏幕上。我今天才买的,对此我很失望。有什么办法可以修好吗

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  • @R_1075I suggest you follow the below steps to resolve the issue:After sending a print job to your Sprocket, the print job does not print.Make sure the Sprocket is charged, connected to your mobile device over a Bluetooth connection, and the Sprocket firmware is up-to-date. Step 1: Turn on the Sprocket and check battery statusThe Sprocket might have turned off or the battery might need to be charged. Use the HP sprocket app to check the battery status, and then adjust the Auto Off setting.

    Press and hold the Power button to turn on the Sprocket, and then open the HP sprocket app.
    Tap the Menu icon , and then tap sprocket.
    Tap Manage Printers, make sure your Sprocket is selected, and then tap Printer Settings.
    Under the Status section, locate Battery.

    If the battery charge is 25% or higher, continue with these steps.
    If the battery chage is 24% or lower, charge the battery for 30 minutes, and then continue with these steps.

    Tap Auto Off to change when the Sprocket turns off, if necessary.

    If the issue persists, continue to the next step.
    (By the end of this article all the issues should be resolved)
    Let me know how that pans out,
    If you feel I was helpful, simply click on Accept as Solution to help the community grow,
    That said, I will have someone follow-up on this to ensure you’ve been helped,
    Just in case you don’t get back to us within 24 – 48hrs, and have a good day, ahead.

    Riddle_Decipher I am an HP Employee
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