Hpnsprocket 未连接到 iPhone

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尝试将我的打印机连接到我的手机并显示不支持 sprocket 5:02

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  • @kittyk15
    Welcome to HP Support Forums. 
    Let me take a moment to thank you for posting on the HP Support Forums. 
    I understand that your HP Sprocket is unable to connect to your iPhone.
    Did this issue start after any update on your iPhone or the HP Sprocket?
    Meanwhile, during my research, I came across the following steps that should help to get your HP Sprocket connect to the iPhone:

    Update your Sprocket iOS app to version 2.03.1 or later
    Charge your sprocket battery to at least 50%
    Power off your sprocket printer
    In the iPhone Bluetooth menu (Settings → Bluetooth), tap the ‘i’ button next to the “sprocket” device, then tap “Forget This Device”
    Restart your iPhone by pressing/holding the power button for 3 seconds, then sliding to power off.
    Power on your sprocket printer
    Discover and pair your sprocket printer by tapping on the “sprocket” device when it appears in the iPhone Bluetooth menu (Settings → Bluetooth).
    Open the sprocket mobile app, where you’ll be automatically prompted for the firmware upgrade.

    Also, in our free time please go through this HP document as it helps in fixing HP Sprocket connectivity issues.  
    I sincerely hope this fixes the issue. Keep me posted for further assistance.

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