HP Sprocket 2in1 打印粉色调

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从 Best Buy 购买了两台 HP Sprocket 二合一打印机,作为送给孩子的圣诞礼物。两者都有问题。


1 号打印机:由于机械故障/错误指示灯无法使用,我不得不返回(无法打印或拍照,因为错误提示“门已打开”/通电后指示灯闪烁红色,做了重置等)。我换了另一个,到目前为止它工作正常。 ***通过退货/换新解决***


打印机 #2: 最初为前 2-3 张照片打印得很好,之后所有照片都开始以粉色/色调打印。我们认为它可能是在我们执行固件更新后开始发生的。我们按照在线说明进行了重置、校准卡、充满电、固件版本 = v1.07.21.05。***未解决-建议的故障排除步骤已失败***





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  • @kfriel
    Thank you for posting on the HP Support Forums, 
    I understand your concern and to help you out, 
    I have escalated your concern to HP’s Support Team in your region to have it reviewed for available options (if any). 
    You should be contacted within 4 business days (Excluding Holidays & Weekends). 
    Response times may vary by region. 
    Please send a Private Message, if you aren’t contacted within 4-5 business days.  
    Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (such as serial numbers and case details).
    And Feel free to post your query for any other assistance as well, 
    It’s been a pleasure interacting with you and I hope you have a good day ahead.

    Riddle_Decipher I am an HP Employee
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