HP SPROCKET 200 无法第二次连接。

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我为圣诞节的另一半购买了 sprocket 200。没关系,她打开它,我们可以轻松连接她的 iphone8,打印大约 20 张照片,然后关闭电源并上床睡觉。

从那以后我花了好几个小时试图让手机第二次连接,我删除了手机上的应用程序,更新了手机设置,在链轮上完成了出厂重置,尝试连接第二部手机等等,链轮在任何蓝牙上都不能 “被发现”设备...


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  • SBibby Thanks for the reply.I appreciate your time and effort. I see that you were interacting with SBibby. I’d like to help. I am sending you a private message. Please check the mailbox icon at the top-right corner of this screen.I hope this helps resolve this issue completely. Cheers.

    Sandytechy20 I am an HP Employee
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  • Hi Senan6806, yes i have done and tried all that, it only ever connected to my girlfriends phone, which i removed it from as per the user manual instructions as soon as we couldnt reconnect again, followed everything step by step, and the unit was completly undiscoverable to any bluetooth device!i tried using the following to find the printeriphone 8iphone xsipad air 2iphone 7my asus laptopa blackberryseveral different samsung phonesseveral different android phones, including the tech guy’s instore at JB HIFI in australiait just simply was undiscoverable to anything we tried to find it with! but on the plus side i managed to fix it!!I returned the piece of crap HP Sprocket 200, for a full refund, and UPGRADED to a Lifeprint!Lost all faith in HP now, and i used to only buy HP for my printing needs, wont be making that mistake again! 

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  • @SBibby A warm welcome to HP Forums! This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips to your technical queries.Removing the HP Sprocket entry from the Bluetooth paired devices, resetting HP Sprocket and adding a new printer using HP Sprocket app may resolve the issue. Let’s try these steps:1.) On your iPhone, open Settings.2.) Touch Bluetooth, below My devices, tap on the little “i” icon on the HP Sprocket device..3.) Select Forget this Device, confirm by touching Forget Device.4.) Turn off iPhone5.) Reset HP Sprocket, refer to step 4 from this document.6.) Turn on HP iPhone.7.) Open the HP sprocket app.8.) Tap the Menu icon  , tap sprocket, and then tap Manage Printers.9.) Tap Add New Printer, and then tap the name of your SprocketLet me know how it goes! If the information I’ve provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the Accepted Solution and Kudos buttons, that’ll help us and others see that we’ve got the answers!
    Have a great day!

    Senan6806 I am an HP Employee

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  • I have cheched both our iphones, which are both running the latest operating system 12.1.2Ican not log into the sprocket from the app to check if it needs an update, is there any way of plugging it into my computer to see if it can be updated?i reallw was excited about this item when i purchased it, being able to print out photos of our loved ones seemed such a great idea… seems as though i should of done my research as other manufacturers do it better and easier!

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