Resim ön izleme ekranına gelmiyor

raginfeet tarafından tarihinde yayınlandı

Galerimden bir fotoğraf seçtiğimde ön izleme ekranına gelmiyor. Çember sadece dönmeye devam ediyor. Birkaç kez denedim, birkaç dakika bekledim ve hiçbir şey olmuyor. Ayrıca sprocket uygulamasını kaldırıp yeniden yükledim. Duvar kağıtlarımdan bir fotoğraf seçersem, iyi çalışıyor.

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  • Thumbnail sneak peaks assume a significant part in assisting you with recognizing content inside picture
    and video documents. Notwithstanding, Windows 11 and Windows 10 can quit showing them in light of multiple factors. More established cycles of the working framework have additionally had a similar issue.

    As a rule, you’ll see clear thumbnails because of erroneously designed File Explorer settings (called Windows Explorer prior) or a bad thumbnail store. However, once in a long while, you could be managing something as extreme as a malware pervasion.

    üzerinde Gilbert
  • I am very disappointed with the sprocket. I am trying to print photos saved on my phone and it does not work. Also photos I have taken and printed thru the app did not save in the app. If I do not get assistance I will return and buy a printer that is user friendly. Which clearly this one is not.

    üzerinde Eileen Thomson
  • When I try to print a picture on my sprooket 200 the picture will not come up on the film after I print it

    üzerinde Meredith D'Arcy
  • I have a sprocket 200 serial number TH89F23122,I have not used it for about a year,when I try use it the red light flashers continues to flash with the charge cable but will not turn on

    üzerinde Wayne
  • Was having the same problem and tried taking a screenshot of the photo I wanted to print and it worked! Another workaround option until you guys push out an update.

    üzerinde Nardo68

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