Windows 10 Tabletten HP Sprocket'e nasıl yazdırılır

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Bu yüzden bir HP Envy'im var, o da bir tablet. Yazdırmak için HP Sprocket uygulamasını indirebilmek istiyorum. Bunu nasıl yaparım? Çünkü bunu yapabileceğimi bir yerlerden duyduğumu sanıyordum.

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  • How to print (9 windows 11) photos from a computer with HP Sprocket Studio

    üzerinde Marek
  • don’t give up yet. 1. YES, you will NOT be able to use the SPROCKET APP on Windows 10 tablet, BUT2. You can STILL print via Bluetooth to the sprocket printer (provided you have Bluetooth on the tablet). Most bluetooth setups (windows 10 has this) allow you to connect to a device and SEND A FILE via. bluetooth. If you do this your photo will print on the printer.  I’ve tested it and it works fine. You just won’t get access to the Sprocket app, and that might not be that interesting as it just allows adding graphics, etc. to the photos—and other tools can do that too.

    üzerinde freighter
  • @Blitz1488 Sprocket is only intended to print pictures from mobile devices. See its requirements below, it is only intended for iOS or Android and not any other operating systems:… Your tablet runs Windows 10 which is not supported. Regards. 

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    üzerinde banhien

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