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Fotoğrafları basmak için film rulosuna gittiğimde resimlerim artık gelmiyor. Bunun yerine görüntülenenlerin ekran görüntüsünü ekledim. Bu daha önce hiç olmadı.25159442-AAA6-450C-BC87-B4F0EAE1AE25.png


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  • @Ldouth
    Welcome to our humble abode, the family and tech-friendly house of HP Forums!
    I’ll be your host for the day, they call me the Riddle_Decipher and so can you.
    Did you know the only images supported by the Sprocket App are: ".jpeg, .tiff (iOS only), .gif, .bmp, and .png"?
    (Click here to view)
    • Note: If you send a non-supported file type, the print job does not print, nor would it show up in the app.
    For more details regarding the app usage: Click here to access the user guide.
    Let me know how that pans out
    I will have a colleague follow-up on this to ensure it’s taken care off, in case you don’t respond in the next 24-48hrs,
    As I need to know if the issue has been resolved, to get proper sleep at night.
    Feel free to give me a virtual high-five by clicking the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon,
    Followed by clicking on ‘Accepted as Solution’ as it would help the community gain more knowledge and have a great day Ahead!

    Riddle_Decipher I am an HP Employee
    üzerinde Riddle_Decipher

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