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    Removing the photo papers, checking and clearing any stuck photo paper from the paper tray may resolve the issue. Let’s try these steps:
    1.) On the HP sprocket app, tap OK to clear the error message.
    2.) Turn off the printer.
    3.) Remove the paper cover by sliding it away from the output slot, and then set it aside.
    Figure : Removing the paper cover

    Slide the paper cover

    Remove the paper cover

    4.) Remove the stack of photo paper from the input tray.
    5.) Inspect the input tray for stuck photo paper.

    If there is stuck photo paper, use your fingernail to pry it loose, and then discard it.

    If there is no stuck photo paper, remove a single sheet of photo paper from the bottom of the stack, and then discard it.

    6.) Reload the photo paper with the HP logos facing down.
    Figure : Reloading the photo paper

    7.) Align the paper cover with the tracks on the outside of the printer, and then slide the paper cover toward the output slot until it is firmly seated.
    8.) Turn on the printer.
    9.) Resend the print job.
    If the issue persists, repeat the steps in this document until you are able to print.​​​​​​​
    Let me know how it goes!
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    Have a great day!

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