Bene, ho appena inserito della carta nuova e sono andato a stampare, ma non c'era nulla di bianco su di esso

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Ho solo bisogno di aiuto

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  •  Please read this post then provide some details.  What printer model? What operating system?  Please list any error messages on the printer or computer.  When you try to print does the printer go through the motions of printing, moving the printhead across the paper, or does it just load paper and immediately spit it out? The previous reply was a scam, do not call the number ending in 0222.  That was not HP Support.   

    Bob Headrick,  HP ExpertI am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.If your problem is solved please click the “Accept as Solution” button If my answer was helpful please click the “Thumbs Up” to say “Thank You”

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