Il pignone non si collegherà all'iPhone

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Il pignone di mio marito ha improvvisamente smesso di funzionare con il suo iPhone 6s. Riceve il messaggio non riesce a trovare il dispositivo. Viene visualizzato come connesso su Bluetooth. Ho anche aggiunto l'app al mio iPhone 7 ma ricevo anche il messaggio che non riesce prima a trovare il pignone. Abbiamo ripristinato e riavviato il dispositivo, ma abbiamo ancora lo stesso problema per entrambi i telefoni




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  • Need some help on this issue… my previously registered Sprocket now reports that the device is not supported when I tried to connect Bluetooth. The same error message was seen on both my iPhone 8 and iPad Pro, burn running iOS 13.1.3. The iPad Pro Sprocket App worked fine last week (about Oct 22nd). I also tried it on my old iPad running iOS 10.3.3 which last ran the Sprocket app sometime last year. Same “not supported” error. i deleted the app on my iPad Pro, reinstalled it, and could not even get the “Select Accessory” screen to populate during setup (3 tries). can anyone help? thanks! John B

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  • I would suggest removing the Sprocket App, then download and reinstall it.  I have seen several cases lately where this resolved issues with the recent Sprocket update.

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