Manca la classica cornice Polaroid :(((((

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Manca la classica montatura Polaroid con il bianco Chucky in basso e il bianco intorno ai lati

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  • Has this been changed now with the updated app? I’m looking to buy a HP sprocket but I’d need the white Polaroid frame toothanks in advance

    SARm1 su
  • @Lydia22 Welcome to the HP Forums, this is a great location to get assistance! I read your post and see that there is issue with the HP Sprocket printer. I would like to help you resolve this issue.  The latest update of the sprocket app does not have a option of Polaroid frame.Click here and refer the document to know how to use the HP Sprocket app. Let me know if that helps.Cheers.

    Sandytechy20 I am an HP Employee
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