non si accoppia al nuovo iOS 11

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chiaramente un problema in corso che rimane irrisolto.


  1. ios11 trova e accoppia il bluetooth
  2. l'app sprocket non riesce a trovare la stampante.



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  • Thank you MKazi!   I discovered that my sprocket  print app apparently needed to update and also update the printer which it has now done, as previously it was going through e-print and now that has been discontinued. So apparently it was  “operator error”  on this end.    

    Arizona_Norse su
  • @Arizona_Norse
    Let me take a moment to thank you for posting on the HP Support Forums. 
    I understand that you have an HP Sprocket printer and the Sprocket app does not find the printer through an iPhone. I read that iOS finds and pairs the bluetooth.
    For better clarity and to assist you better I would require more information regarding this:

    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the HP Sprocket app?
    Does the HP Sprocket printer work fine on another device (if available)?

    Let me know. I’ll watchout for your reply.

    MKazi su

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