La mia ruota dentata non si connette al mio telefono

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Non si collegherà al mio telefono e ho provato di tutto

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  • For anyone having this issue I finally resolved. I’ve had my sprocket for a while and just recently started using it again. Like many others it would connect via Bluetooth, but would then not show up under ‘select an accessory’. Here’s how I solved the problem.

    1. Reset sprocket to factory settings
    2. Uninstall sprocket app
    3. Go into Bluetooth settings and ‘forget’ sprocket device.
    4. Reinstall sprocket app
    5. Go into Bluetooth setting an manually connect your sprocket via Bluetooth
    6. Set it up in the app. It should now show up

    The thing that seemed to actually resolve the issue was deleting my sprocket from my Bluetooth devices and then manually reconnecting it. Hope this helps others!

    Alicia su
  • My friend got me this for my birthday and literally never allows me to get passed the “select accessory” pop up that comes BLANK. Anyways my friend feels bad that this product is garbage and I will be recommending everyone NOT to get it.

    Carmen su
  • I’m having the same issue. Nothing comes up in accessory I have the oldest one. The white light is on but won’t connect to my phone.

    Danielle Flaherty su
  • OMG! it still won’t connect to my iPhone xr! I have the original sprocket and I have tried charging it turning it off and go back on but it seems that there’s needs to be a button to get it to get to the Bluetooth connection but I cannot find it. i used to be able to use is 24 seven but now after I stopped using it for a while it will not connect please tell me if anyone else is having this problem!

    lynley su
  • Absolutely ridiculous! MANY people are having this problem!! We know how to use it, Duh!!! It worked once and then never again, the printer will NOT CONNECT! It does NOT SHOW in select accessories!!!! Why the hell do you nimrod employees keep repeating the same setup stuff we have all done over and over!!! Read the frigging comments!!!

    Richard Shannon su

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