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Questa non è tanto una domanda tecnica quanto una domanda dell'utente. Se hai utilizzato l'app Sprocket.Copiare. È possibile eseguire copie di archivio o di backup del Prodotto software, a condizione che la copia contenga tutti gli avvisi di proprietà del Prodotto software originale e che venga utilizzata solo per scopi di backup.

Ideale per l'imprimere e il parto di foto istantanee, oltre a grandi momenti nell'aiuto di Sprocket Plus e Sprocket Select.

Sono solo curioso di sapere chi molti utenti abbiano applicazioni alquanto serie per questa stampante e, in tal caso, HP può forse attenuare l'aspetto kiddo di questo? Solo un pensiero.

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  • Thanks for your contribution about printing it will be really helpful to me.

    You can also check to resolve issues related to printing.

    John su
  • Thanks for you contribution about printing it will be really helpful to me.

    John su
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  • Hi .. what u can do others things for adult use will be the decoration of the room using spocket printed photos , using at the friends meet ups , dinners, datings , and so on.. the other way will be using your smartphone to edit using all the creativity arts and filters to have amanzing arts and print it out as the photo using sprocket .. the other way is can be able to do he birthday DIY cards using the spocket photos ….  hope you have some ideas for adult use 🙂 cheersEMX-1

    It is my pleasure to help you.

    EMX-1 su
  • Hello, The usage of Sprocket is widespread, depending on your imagination and creativity. Since, the zINK papers used for printing are stickers, you can use them to make fun collage on the mirror, fridge, doors or anywhere else you want, including gift boxes, coffee mugs etc.  By default, the pictures will print without any borders, so you can use them for your purpose and interests. Hope this helps.  Cheers!

    I am an HP employee, but the posts are my own. If my post helped you, kindly click the Thumbs Up, Accepted Solution buttons. Cheers!

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