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I have been using the thin white border around all my photos on my sprocket since Christmas, and printed many photos for a project, all containing the white frame, but upon opening the app, I cannot see the frame any more. I have tried deleting and redownloading the app, but it has still not appeared. Is there any way to get the frame back?

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  • Hi @Lizziebix, We moved many of our stickers and frames to the cloud to reduce the app download size. They will download automatically when you open the app and are connected to the Internet. Please be patient as they download. I do see the thin white frame that I believe you are referring to. Hopefully it is the same one. We watch the data analytics for the embellishments closely & change content from time to time based on holidays, popularity & usage throughout the year. I hope this helps! Kind regards,-Kay_Kay

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  • @Lizziebix
    You’re most welcome.
    I understand your frustration. I have sent you a private message for the next course of action.

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  • @DavidSMP, @MrRobot,Thank you for trying to find solutions, I’m not going to lie, I am very disappointed that it has been removed considering I have printed over 50 photos with that frame, but I am glad that it is not my sprocket that is having issues.Thank you again.

    Lizziebix le
  • @Lizziebix,
    I am getting back to you after doing some research here. Some frames may have been removed from the sprocket app and it is not an iOS issue.
    So the frames may be missing. Please uninstall the sprocket app and download and install the latest one and check again.
    If it still does not work, then it can safely be assumed that the latest Sprocket app works in this manner only.
    Thanks and have a blessed day ahead

    DavidSMP I am an HP Employee
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  • @Lizziebix,
    I reviewed the post. Great effort and troubleshooting done. Thanks for the update. As @A4Apollo is out for the day, I am responding on his behalf.
    I will need to do further research regarding this and get back to you as soon as possible.
    Thanks and have a blessed week ahead.

    DavidSMP I am an HP Employee
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