Sprocket won't connect via bluetooth to my iPhone

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I have an HP Spocket that I purchased early in 2018.  I just upgraded to an iphone XS Max - and although i reinstalled the app, and my sprocket is fully charged, the phone is not seeing it when I try to set it up. 

It initially showed up, but I followed on line instructions and asked it to forget tthe device - now nothing is showing up at all for a sprocket. 

Help would be greatly appreciated. 


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  • Please send me the contact information for the Hawaii rep as well. 

    Prwdmomma le
  • @KHWT
    Thank you for posting on HP Forums.
    If you have tried all possible steps available in this document then its a possible hardware failure and you may call HP Support to obtain a replacement. I’ve send you a private message with instructions on how to contact your regional HP Support. Could you please check your inbox on the forums page for the private message.
    Have a great day!

    Senan6806 I am an HP Employee

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