Sprocket Smartsheet continually ejects

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I have a new Sprocket Plus. I understand that the Smartsheet is supposed to eject after the first printing, but in my case it continues to eject even after printing seven photos.


What to do?

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  • You thought you were being clear, but you were NOT. And you still aren’t being clear. I am still unsure of what you are doing.  Let’s go through what you said very carefully.  You say: "…the Smartsheet comes out of the printer first, followed by the photo.  This requires me to re-load the smartsheet again before I print another photo." Why does that “require you to reload” the Smartsheet?  I assume then that what you are saying (but you never clearly say this) is that AFTER that first photo prints, if you print another one NOTHING HAPPENS?  Is that correct or not? By the way for most of the Sprocket printers, the BLUE/ORANGE smartsheet comes out ONE time (you can keep it or discard it).  It is NEVER re-loaded.  Clear???! So in answer to your question at the end, it’s clearer, but still not clear.

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  • I thought I was being clear. My Smartsheet — which is orange — goes in the printer first, followed by the print paper. When I print a photo, the Smartsheet comes out of the printer first, followed by the photo. This requires me to reload the Smartsheet again before I print another photo. The “Smartsheet” is HP’s term, not mine. That’s what it is called in the User Gude. Finally, according to the User Guide, the Smartsheet should be ejected only following the first printing. Afterwards, it’s supposed to stay in the printer until all the photo paper has been used up. Any clearer?

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  • I’m reading this and I’m confused.The way it works is that there is ONE Blue Smartsheet in a pack of 10 sheets of paper.It loads at the bottom and comes out ONE time.  Then you print those 10 sheets.You do not re-load the blue Smartsheet again!!What I don’t understand is why you are are saying that the Smartsheet “still ejects each time I print”.That would only make sense if you are re-loading it!! Don’t do that!! If I have it wrong, be clearer about how you are loading paper and what you mean by “smartsheet”.

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  • Thanks for your attention to this problem, but I’m afraid this solution doesn’t work either. I’ve reset the device three times, and the Smartsheet still ejects each time I print. 

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  • @Curtis5
    Thanks for the reply.
    I appreciate your time and effort.
    Reset the printer.

    Turn on the printer.

    Locate the reset button near the charging port.


    Figure : Locating the reset button

    Gently insert the straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press the reset button for 3 seconds.
    The printer resets and turns off.

    Turn on the printer.

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    Take care and have a blessed week ahead.

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