Sprocket Pluz ZINK Smartsheet

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The box only contains a 3 step "ikea-ish" instruction guide. I loaded the ZINK Smartsheet as shown in Step 2 and the first and only time Ive printed the ZINK Smartsheet came out first. The picture that followed came out perfect, Im just not sure if Im supposed to place the Smartsheet back into the printer before printing again from this particular package of paper ??? My understanding is it calibrates the printer to the specific package of photo paper you buy...


Any input wpuld be appreciated, thanks!

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  • Yes, the blue sheet is used ONCE at the start of a new pack of paper!! You do not load it for each print!There may be circumstances where you do use it again (related to print quality), but just once.But, DO KEEP IT around. That is, just put that blue sheet somewhere safe just in case it asks for it, or you need to use it again. 

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