Serious Color Problem

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Looks like there is a lot of people with same problem.

Mine printed like two or three nice images but then started to print like old ribbon printers, colors washed out, not contrasting, no color accuracy, nothing.

Did the reset... same.
Sheets are new Zink HP Sprocket Paper, printer is cold.

Aren't there any color profiles set to be used with this printer?
Maybe by using an appropriate color profile in photoshop we could get better results?

Please help.
Check below:






Printed:^(photo with s7 edge)




This is inadmissible even for a proof, let alone a souvenir for people...
See those "vertical lines" ?
The color rendering is horrible...

This is a reason for me to ask for a money back.

Best compliments,

Fernando Trindade

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  • This is my resolution. For those with iPhone perhaps open pic in photos - open edit tab—-click on third icon in bottom—-press on down arrow toward right of screen on color tab to open cast slider—slide cast tab all way to make pic blue cast. Printing pic this way gives me more accurate colors. But is a pain. Perhaps hp will continue to upgrade firmware for better colors

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  • Yes they look way too yellow. I did some tests before and after firmware update and did help a bit. I now edit each pic on iPhone to set color cast to full blue before printing on sprocket. This helps a lot but like hp tech support states output will not look like what one would get from non-portable printer

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  • I have the same problems and just bought the printer today.  I’ve updated the firmware and there is no. Hänge in the photo output.  Am I doing something wrong, but the photos are horrible and I. Embarrassed to give them to anyone or show them.  They’re awful. 

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  • fyi i just bought the hsprocket and color printed way too warm (yellow).   I tried editing picture on iphone to make it more blue but again printed way too yellow—I then updated firmware as described above and this made a significant improvement in color accuracy

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  • Hello @FTrindade -  I responded to your post in the other thread, and I’ll post the same response below.  Unfortunately your sample images aren’t coming across for me in the forum post.  If you wish to send those to us directly, can you hit the ‘Give Feedback’ button in the Sprocket app, and attach them there with an explaination of the problem?  We can work on a solution with you via e-mail. Here is my feedback from the other thread: We absolutely value you as an HP customer and want to make sure we understand/address your concern. First off, can you confirm the firmware that is running on your Sprocket printer?  After powering on and pairing the printer to your phone, go to menu → sprocket → printers → Firwmare Version (e.g. 1.1.0). Secondarily, today we released an updated firmware code that does have color map improvements.  You can upgrade by following the instructions below: First, make sure the Sprocket is charged to at least 75% battery and powered on.Ensure the Sprocket is paired to your mobile device.On your mobile device, open the HP Sprocket app and go to menu → sprocket → Printers; A ‘blue’ firmware update link will be present or a pop-up message will appear if an update is available.After clicking the link or upgrade prompt, follow onscreen process/instructions.With ZINK technology, prints will never have the same vibrancy or contast as what you see on your phone screen, or even what you may be accustomed to with home inkjet or lab prints.   This is the nature of trading off perfect print quality for the portability/convenience of sprocket. Please let me know if the suggestions above address your issue. Thanks!

    *I am an HP employee*The comments above represent myself and do not reflect the opinions of HP.If my post solved your issue, please click “Accepted Solution” on the post . To show appreciation for my help, please click the “Thumbs Up Icon” below! Thank you 🙂

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