Impression de feuilles vierges

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Il suffit de configurer mon pignon conformément au manuel d'utilisation, lorsque des feuilles vierges d'impression sortent et que rien ne s'imprime sur le papier. J'ai réinitialisé le pignon et j'ai toujours le même problème. J'utilise le papier d'impression requis.

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  • Not printing photos

    Linda le
  • Mine printing blanks too did anyone get any help ?

    Cheryl le
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    tcsindustryd le
  • Well these ‘HP employees’ are really helpful aren’t they?? Why don’t they just admit that the reliability of these printers is shockingly poor. My Sprocket 200 had a dead battery after printing about 20 pages and probably less than 10 re-charges (which again the HP help doesn’t seem to want to diagnose and replacement batteries not available from HP) and having fixed that also now I have the blank page issue. If you have tried all the usual things HP support tells you to do (firmware, app update, reset, paper load correctly) and it still doesn’t work ……face it – its broken: throw it away and spend your next £80 / $100 with a company that has decent customer support.

    Justin Ratcliffe le
  • Printing blank pages.

    Dus everything, new update, new paper, still blank
    What tot do

    Judith le

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