Mon iPhone 8 ne trouve pas mon sprocket plus imprimante

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Mon iPhone 8 ne trouve pas mon imprimante sprocket plus bien qu'il soit connecté via Bluetooth

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  • Hi, Can you please try the following steps:1.Update to latest app release.2.If you still have issues with connecting to your printer, then please uninstall and reinstall the HP sprocket app. Hope this helps. I am an HP EmployeeAlthough I am speaking for myself and not for HP.Please click “Kudos Thumbs up” as an encouragement and “Accept as solution” if this has helped solved your problem 

    mehH le
  • @Susie1947
    To assist you better I will need to know which Sprocket you are using.
    Please provide me with the Model or Product Number
    You can refer to this Link: for help in locating the Product Number.
    Thank you

    KrazyToadI Am An HP Employee
    KrazyToad le

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