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J'ai acheté mon pignon hp la semaine dernière et la première fois que j'ai imprimé des photos, il y avait déjà des rayures. J'ai failli perdre 2 paquets de papier photo à cause de ces traînées de lignes. J'ai cherché comment améliorer la qualité des images ou comment configurer s'il y a des traînées de lignes, mais jusqu'à présent, cela ne fonctionne toujours pas correctement. S'il vous plaît aidez-moi ou conseillez-moi ce que je peux faire de mieux pour ce problème

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  • I just had this issue for a few days. I have printed hundreds of pictures and this is a first time it happens in like 18 months. Well, first I tried a different pack, didn’t work. Then, I opened the printer and cleaned the rolling thing (partially helped). Last, I placed the blue paper with code again with just one paper and it finally worked. I hope this helps.
    J. Cardenas

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  • I bought sprocket printer and now while printing it’s having lines on the paper and only half of the paper is having the print

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  • Hi.. i had the same issue.. my sprocket was printing lines. It was good initially, but it just doesnt work good now. And i tried the paper path roller cleaning process a zillion times. It just doesnt work!! Please help me with this. Lott of my papers are wasted by the printer printing lines. Please share a video link if you have on how to exactly go about this.

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  • @carbonasupreme, Welcome to the HP Support Community!
    Which model HP Sprocket are you using?
    Refer to this document to know how to find the Product Name or Product Number.
    Do you have the same issue while printing different photos from your mobile device?
    For now, let us try these steps :
    Upgrade the Sprocket firmware

    Make sure the Sprocket is on and your mobile device is connected to the Internet.

    On your mobile device, open the HP sprocket app.

    Tap the Menu icon , and then tap sprocket.

    Tap Manage Printers, make sure your Sprocket is selected, and then tap Printer Settings.

    Under the Status section, locate Battery.

    If the battery charge is 25% or higher, continue with these steps.

    If the battery charge is 24% or lower, charge the battery for at least 30 minutes, and then continue with these steps.

    In Printer Settings, look for a firmware upgrade.

    If a firmware upgrade displays, tap Get Firmware Upgrade, and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update.

    If a firmware upgrade option does not display, the firmware is up-to-date.

    Send a print job. If the print quality is still unacceptable, continue to the next step.
    Clean the Sprocket paper path rollers
    Dirt and debris on the paper path rollers can cause print quality issues. Use the colored Print Quality Card (formerly the Smartsheet) from the same pack of HP ZINK photo paper currently loaded in the Sprocket to clean the paper path rollers.
    NOTE: To avoid print quality issues, do not use a colored card from a different pack of photo paper.

    Remove the Paper Cover, and then remove any photo paper from the input tray.

    Check the photo paper and remove any severely bent, wrinkled, or torn photo paper from the stack.

    Reload the photo paper with the colored card on the bottom of the stack with the barcode facing down.

    Replace the Paper Cover, and then wait while the Sprocket detects and cleans the paper path rollers with the colored card.
    If the Sprocket does not automatically detect the colored card, send a print job to manually start the cleaning process.

    Let me know how this goes.
    If you feel my post solved your issue, please click “Accept as Solution”, it will help others find the solution. Click the “Kudos/Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

    KUMAR0307 I am an HP Employee
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