HP Sprocket prints colour distorted images

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I've recently purchased a HP Sprocket Photo Printer, and attempted to print off a few photos from my phone with the orignal ZINK paper the printer came with. All prints appear to have a blue tint, in that images of people appear to have "zombie" like skin colour. 


I've noticed that there have been several people who've experienced similar issues and I've followed all the solutions posted by the HP team including the below which has resolved nothing:


1. Updating the firmware on my sprocket printer - the latest version that my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) permits is 1.1.5


2. Using the genuine HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper


3. Cleaning the output rollers with the blue HP ZInk smartsheet from the same pack of photo paper currently in the printer


4. Allowing the printer a few minutes to cool down between print jobs


5. Properly storing the photo paper and avoiding contact with water


6. Using clean, wrinkle-free photo paper


7. Checking my photos to ensure that all images have a minimum resolution of 818 x 1258 pixels 


8. Resetting the printer itself


Please advise what other steps I should be taking or alternatively PM me so I can provide examples of the photos.

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