Does paper feed roller shaft drive wheel need to be timed?

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The drive gearwheel on the feedroller shaft has its boss split and stripped as the wheel has turned on the shaft. I have made brass attachments which sandwich the wheel and made a sleeve to hold the boss together. I now have a very strong wheel with a second boss on the other (out) side, two grubscrews 90 degrees apart affix it firmly to the roller shaft. What I need to know is, I notice the PG disc glued to the gearwheel, which is read by an optocoupler, and which has its outer circle of radial stripes for that purpose, also has 1 to 12 marked around on an inner circle, and at the 12 there is a rectangular opaque blob which suggests that there may be a "second track" on the disc read by a second part of the opto. OR this circle with the 1 to 12 may be read in the factory by a strobe device to check the vertical registration. If the above is too confusing, my simple question is, when I fit the gear to the paper feed roller shaft, do I need to worry about the timing. Do I just fit it and it will work.

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  • Thanks for that.  Gives me the confidence to continue !


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  • There is no timing, just put back gear on the place, make sure the glued encoder disk fits in the sensor.

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