Impossible de connecter l'imprimante au téléphone

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J'ai un problème avec mon Envy 7100. My Husbands note 3 android ne se couple pas avec l'imprimante. J'ai appelé le service client et ils n'ont été d'aucune aide. L'imprimante apparaîtra sur sa dent bleue mais elle indique impossible de se connecter ? Il s'est connecté à mon téléphone cependant. J'ai besoin des deux connectés

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  • @handymom27 wrote:I do not believe my printer has bluetooth, just WiFi?  not surePlease read this post then provide some details.  What printer model? What operating system? Are you connecting the printer to a phone or a PC or Mac?

    Bob Headrick,  HP ExpertI am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.If your problem is solved please click the “Accept as Solution” button If my answer was helpful please click the “Thumbs Up” to say “Thank You”

    Bob_Headrick le
  • I do not believe my printer has bluetooth, just WiFi?  not sure

    handymom27 le
  • Are you using a Sprocket?  You need to connect your phone to the printer through Bluetooth, not wifi, if so. And use the HP Sprocket app.

    Netsuki le
  • Yes mine is WiFi but I cannot figure out how to set the settings to print to printer???  I had at first printed one picture and then I guess the settings changed themselves somehow and could not print any more. I cannot figure out how to set the phone to print, it now says ‘The printer isn’t available right now’  when it was before and I have tried all I know but cannot get the phone back to recognize the printer. They are both connected to the same WiFi. Can you help at all? I need step by step please

    handymom27 le
  • no I haven’t but gave up for now and will try again later today. If you have figured it out please let me know  :-))

    handymom27 le

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