Can not Open Sprocket in iOS 13 beta 6

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Hi, Now when ios 13 is released, my Sprocket is not found in the app anymore. I've tried to delete and reinstall the app several times but without any luck. I can use the Sprocket printer to print directly from Iphone Pictures app, but that takes away all the fun with the Sprocket app (frames, stickers etc). Are you planning any new release that makes the Sprocket work again? 

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  • It could be that you inadvertently did not allow the Hp Sprocket application to have access to Bluetooth. As of iOS 13 each individual app that wants to use Bluetooth to connect to a device must get explicit permissions from the user.  There should have been a pop-up request the first time you opened the Sprocket app. You can manually allow the sprocket app to have access to Bluetooth by opening the Settings app and scrolling down until you see sprocket.  Select sprocket and turn on Bluetooth. Hopefully this will restore the functionality.   

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