Border like original Polaroid?

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Can the app get the option to have a border like the original Polaroid, large white area below photo and normal white border on sides and top. Need to be able to setup this for my daughter to work like a Polaroid.


Or... if it could be possible for other iOS apps to print to the Sprocket. It does not appear as an available printer now.


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  • I actually googled this today and saw your question. I did manage to figure it out while I was playing around with the app. If you use an instagram photo (or another photo that is square), you can simply add the normal white boarder and tadaa…polaroid print. Just trim the tip off and it look more polaroid. That’s what I found. It’s fairly simple, just annoying that there isn’t a polaroid board or anything.

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  • As freighter commented, this has to be an automated reply to keep me warm. Honestly, not appreciated.  My daughter has found a workaround, making a text area with white text on white background. I was hoping for a faster and simpler solution. 

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