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Grâce à la connectivité Bluetooth, vous pouvez inviter vos amis à se joindre à vous pour le plaisir de l'impression photo. Chaque fois qu'un de vos amis télécharge l'application HP Sprocket sur son iPhone ou son appareil Android, il peut se connecter à votre imprimante via Bluetooth et imprimer ses propres souvenirs. Cette fonctionnalité rend le HP Sprocket idéal pour les fêtes et autres événements, car les invités peuvent imprimer leurs propres photos à partir de la même imprimante.

De l'aide serait appréciée car je voulais cette imprimante depuis que j'en ai entendu parler et ce serait une terrible déception pour mes parents d'avoir gaspillé leur argent. Merci

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  • Blur Background Photo Editor & Blur image Background Effect on image effective blurry background app to give your picture DSLR blur effect.

    blur le
  • @FriendlySkies1Glad to hear it’s sorted !!🙂

    I am speaking for myself and not for HP. Twitter: @Ciara_B_27

    Ciara_B le
  • IT WORKS – EXCELLENT!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your solution!!! 😀👍

    FriendlySkies1 le
  • Hey guys, I was struggling so much with this same blurry photo issue and thought that it was because I upgraded to a new iphone and maybe the resolution was cauting the problem.  I tried using unmodified photos also with no luck.  While trying to set a new home screen I had a brilliant idea that I wanted to try with the sprocket app and it totally worked!!  I took a screen shot of the photo I wanted to print, modified or not, so that it showed up in the camera roll.  From there, I accessed the screen shot version of the photo in the sprocket app and it shows up crystal clear.  I was so happy since I had also believed that I was never going to be able to use the printer as I wanted.  Please try this and best of luck.

    LadyJaybird le
  • Same issue. I just got the Sprocket, and I  need to be able to edit my photos! Especially if you have warmer photos, it is best to make them a little cooler so they print nicer. Very frustrated that I cannot edit in iOS. I hope they come out with a fix. Anyone know fi the Polaroid Zip does the same thing?

    Tiamegs le

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