la conexión por cable y wifi hace que el panel táctil de la impresora se

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Conectar la impresora a un módem nuevo (tabla de surf Arrris SBG6950AC2) Cuando conecto el cable o configuro de forma inalámbrica, la pantalla táctil se congela. Puedo imprimir bien por un tiempo, pero luego parece que la impresora se va a dormir y tengo que reiniciar. Cuando conecto el módem antiguo, funcionará bien. El módem nuevo se conecta a Internet sin problemas.

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  • I found the solution by using google. # 1 hit be exact. HP was of no help and gave wrong information.  Had to go to settings and and make sure it was set to IPV4 and not IVP6. That solved the issue.

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  • @dbennett804, Welcome to HP Support Community!
    I see that you have issues with the printer after you changed the network, follow the steps below-
    Update the printer firmware
    Download available firmware updates from the HP website
    With the printer on and connected to the computer, go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads, and then identify your printer. Look for and install any available firmware updates. Refer to the document HP Printers – Updating or Upgrading Printer Firmware
    You may need to instead go into your router settings and try changing the channel manually. Experiment with different channels to see which one works best. You can contact your ISP for help.
    If the issue persists, I’d like to know the following for further assistance-

    Are you able to print from the computer to the printer?
    Are you able to make photocopies on the printer?

    Keep me posted.
    Please click “Accepted Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution. Click the “Kudos/Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

    TEJ1602 I am an HP Employee
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  • Just another note. This is windows 10 and Mac connection

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