Líneas blancas en el borde de la foto impresa

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2. He intentado reiniciar mi teléfono


1. Utilice papel zincado HP original (paquete nuevo)

2. Cargue la impresora (está al 100%)

3. Actualice el firmware de la impresora (actualmente en 1.1.8, última actualización el 4 de noviembre de 2019, con Android 9)

4. Limpie los rodillos de salida (utilice el papel azul del paquete nuevo para calibrar al menos 10 veces)


Pero la línea blanca sigue ahí.


Has desperdiciado tantos paquetes por esto y es realmente frustrante.






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  • @Pinkat
    Reset the printer using the below steps.

    Make sure the printer is on.

    Remove the paper cover.

    Locate the Reset button.

    With a paperclip or pin, press and hold the Reset button until the Charging Indicator light turns off.
    The printer resets and turns off.

    Replace the paper cover, and then turn on the printer.

    Keep me posted, how it goes!
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    Have a great day!

    Raj1788I am an HP Employee 
    Raj1788 en
  • My warranty’s over so I didn’t bother contacting the service center… But if yours is still under warranty I guess it’s worth contacting them to try! 

    Pinkat en
  • @ary3
    Thanks for joining HP Community!
    Could you please help me with the exact model name or the product number of the printer?
    What device are you using the printer with, a Windows computer, Mac, Android or an iPhone? 
    Keep me posted.
    Have a great day!

    Raj1788I am an HP Employee 
    Raj1788 en
  • Hi, I have been having the same issues with my printer. Did contacting the service centre solve this? Wondering if I should do the same. Would love to know, thanks 

    ary3 en
  • @Pinkat
    I apologize for the confusion. Since it’s a Sprocket you do not have the option for Photocopy
    Since you have already performed all the required troubleshooting, you can contact HP Support for Service Options or replacement
    Thank you

    KrazyToadI Am An HP Employee
    KrazyToad en

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