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Mi sprocket está imprimiendo fotos de muy mala calidad. Están borrosos y descoloridos. He seguido todos los pasos para intentar arreglarlo, como actualizar el firmware y usar papel de zinc real, pero la calidad sigue siendo muy mala.

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  • @Nevedev
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    Since you have tried all possible steps available in this document, I’m afraid, it’s a possible hardware failure. Please call HP Support to obtain all available repair/replacement options. You may use the following steps to contact your regional HP Support:
    1) Click on this link.
    2) Select your product type below.
    3) Enter the serial of your device. 
    4) Select the country from the drop-down. 
    5) Select the chat or get phone number options based on your preferences. 
    6) Fill the web-form and proceed further.
    Have a great day!
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