Sprocket no se apaga ni imprime

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Tengo una Sprocket 200. Estaba imprimiendo muchas fotos y dejó de imprimirse. Decidí intentar apagarlo y luego volverlo a encender. Ahora actualmente no se apagará.

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  • I am trying to turn my sprocket off but it just keeps flashing red. I have tried holding the button on the back near the charging part. But that is not working.

    Olivia Gray en
  • @kotaelliott10 Hello,In order to palliate this issue, please reset the printer as follows:Make sure the printer is on.Remove the paper cover.Locate the Reset button.With a paperclip or pin, press and hold the Reset button until the Charging Indicator light turns off.The printer resets and turns off.Replace the paper cover, and then turn on the printer.I remain at your disposal in case of need.Best regards,

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