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1. Estoy a 2 segundos de tirar mi Sprocket a la piscina. 2. Hace aproximadamente un mes que no uso mi Sprocket. 3. En ese tiempo conseguí un nuevo Iphone7. Decidí que quería imprimir una foto esta noche. He cargado mi Sprocket a plena capacidad. He instalado la aplicación HP Sprocket. Puse un paquete nuevo de papel de impresora. Emparejé mi teléfono con mi impresora, seleccioné mi foto y dice que la envía y luego la impresora se apaga. ¡ESTÁ CARGADO AL 100%! Ya reinicié la impresora, desinstalé la aplicación, le dije a mi teléfono que olvidara el emparejamiento anterior, restablecí la impresora... No sé qué más hacer. (Comprado el 15 de julio de 2017)


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  • Hi Adritheteacher, Sprocket will auto shut-down in 5 mins if nothing to do. Not sure whether it’s already 5 mins before you send the print job. Another thing is regarding the firmware. If you have network connected with you phone you may update the firmware of Sprocket through the App. Last but not least, remember to restart your phone. Other app that you used may left some bugs which are conflict with the Sprocket App. Restarting your phone can make sure this kind of bugs be cleared.  Regards

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  • Hi @adritheteacher,
    Welcome to HP Forums, this is a great place to get support, find answers and tips.

    Thank you for posting your query. I’ll be more than glad to help you.

    I understand that you are facing issues with your HP Sprocket Photo Printer wherein it shuts down while printing.
    This could be a hardware issue with the unit.
    I suggest that you follow the steps listed below to reset the unit:
    1. Turn on the printer.
    2. Locate the reset pin-hole near the charging port.
    3. Gently insert a straight pin into the hole to press the reset button inside.
    4. The printer resets and turns off.
    5. Turn on the printer.
    If the issue still persists, please contact HP phone support from this link: www.hp.com/contacthp
    You may select the country and type the product# of the unit and then follow the on-screen instructions to contact HP phone support.
    Let me know if this works.
    You have a good day ahead.

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