La impresora Sprocket no puede imprimir, la luz blanca sigue parpadeando

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Después de conectar correctamente mi teléfono a la impresora de piñones a través de bluetooth. Envío la imagen para que se imprima a través de la aplicación Sprocket y la luz blanca comienza a parpadear pero no pasa nada. Intento restablecerlo usando el pin y reiniciando la cola. De nuevo, no pasa nada. He comprobado que todo el firmware y la aplicación están actualizados. ¿Puede alguien ayudarme, ya que imprimir una foto se ha convertido en una tarea tan difícil? ¡Estoy completamente desanimada con esta impresora y desearía no haberla comprado nunca!

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  • As this is a hardware issue, I’d suggest you Contact HP in your region regarding the service options for your printer.
    If you are having trouble navigating through the above options, it’s most likely because the device is out of warranty. If yes? please send me a private message with the region you are contacting us from. Check next to your profile name, you should see a little blue envelope, please click on it.  
    Have a great day! 
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    Jay_G24 en
  • Hi, I have tried all these as well as the steps found in the online trouble shooting guide and it doesn’t seem to work. Are there any known issues with this specific model?

    Wai2go en
  •  Hi @Wai2go
    Welcome to the HP Support Community. I’d be happy to assist you with the  "White light blinking"issue. 
     Try the steps below-
    *Restart your phone
    *Make sure the Sprocket has photo paper in the input tray
    Check the input tray and make sure photo paper is loaded.

    Turn off the Sprocket, and then remove the paper cover.

    Make sure to load Sprocket Photo Paper, up to 10 sheets, with the HP logos facing down.

    Replace the paper cover, and then turn on the Sprocket.

    If the issue persists, continue to the next step.
    *Confirm mobile device settings
    Make sure your mobile device settings allow a connection with your Sprocket.

    Turn on the Sprocket.

    On your mobile device, open the Bluetooth settings menu, and then make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

    Check the settings on your Android or iOS device.

    Android devices: On your mobile device, open the Location or Location Services menu, and then make sure the setting is turned on.
    You can turn location permission on to connect and print, and then turn it off when you are not using the Sprocket.

    iOS devices: Previously paired Bluetooth accessories such as Apple AirPods might interfere with the initial discovery of the Sprocket. Unpair the accessory from the Bluetooth menu of your device before initial pairing with your Sprocket. The accessory can then be paired again after the Sprocket is connected.

    On your mobile device, open the HP sprocket app.

    Tap the Menu icon , tap sprocket, and then tap Manage Printers.
    A list of available Sprockets displays.

    If your Sprocket displays: The Sprocket is connected.

    If your Sprocket does not display: Tap Add New Printer, and then tap the name of your Sprocket.

    Hope this helps! Keep me posted. 
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