Las fotos no están claras/la recarga de zink smartsheet expondrá las fotos

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Mis fotos no se ven claras. Leí en los foros que debería volver a ejecutar Smartsheet. Tengo dos preguntas aquí:


  1. Tengo alrededor de 8 papeles fotográficos de zinc sin usar ya cargados en mi rueda dentada. Si abro la bandeja ahora para colocar la hoja inteligente, ¿existe el riesgo de "Exponer" o dañar los papeles fotográficos que podrían dejarlos inutilizables?
  2. ¿Zink proporciona algún otro conjunto de papeles que sean compatibles con HP pero que proporcionen impresiones en color de mayor calidad?


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  • Hi, This is vignesh B. Welcome to HP Consumer Support Forum. I am happy to assist you! I am glad to help you with this issue. Please make sure you have the blue color paper at the top of the stack when you load the papers. It will help the printer to align it properly. On your mobile device, open the HP Sprocket app and go to menu → sprocket → Printers; A ‘blue’ firmware update link will be present or a pop-up message will appear if an update is available. Updating the firmware also helps you to gain better print quality. Please contact 1-800-474-6836 for any assistance. We work 24*7.Thank you for choosing HP. Have a wonderful day ahead.Please click the “Thumbs Up”, to say thanks for helping!Also, please consider marking my post as “Accept as Solution" if you feel my post solved your issue.I am an HP Employee.

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  • Hi @Paret,
    Thanks for engaging in HP support Forums! This is a wonderful location to converse with the community, get assistance and find tips!
    As I understand you are having print quality issues on your HP Sprocket printer. Don’t worry we’ll work together to find a solution for you,
    Answering to your questions: 

    I have about 8 unused zink photopapers already loaded into my sprocket. If I open the tray now to place the smartsheet, is there a risk of “Exposing” or damaging the photo papers that could make them unusable? No, Always power down your HP Sprocket Photo Printer before removing the top cover from the printer and when loading paper.
    Does Zink provide any other set of papers that are compatible with HP but provide higher quality color prints? ZINK makes custom photo paper for a variety of printers, such as Polaroid, LG, and HP. HP recommends using HP ZINK® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper for best results. To purchase genuine HP ZINK® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper, go to the homepage. You can also purchase genuine HP ZINK® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper from other retailers.

    For more details, please visit this link: Click here
    Coming back to the issue, let’s try these steps here:
    Let’s first try to reset the printer to get it working properly. On the printer, locate the reset button near the charging port, insert a straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press the reset button for 3 seconds to reset the printer.
    Once done, reconnect the printer via Bluetooth.
    If you haven’t already, you may want to try updating the firmware on your sprocket printer.
    Once you have a connection via the Sprocket app, please do the following to update the firmware:
    1.)           Make sure your Sprocket battery is charged greater than 75%, otherwise you won’t see the firmware update option.
    2.)           Ensure your Sprocket is powered on and connected to your phone/sprocket app (green circle in menu)
    3.)           In the Sprocket mobile app, tap ‘menu’ (3 lines) → ‘sprocket’ → ‘Printers’ → ‘Get Firmware Upgrade’ (blue text)
    If the issue still persists, go to this link and perform the steps mentioned under “What can I do to improve print quality?”.
    Please respond to this post with the result of your troubleshooting. I look forward to hearing from you. 
    If you wish to help others looking for the same solution as you’ve found, mark the post as Accepted Solution.
    If you wish to show appreciation for my effort, please click the Thumbs up icon at the bottom of my comment.
    And I Hope you have a good day, Ahead.

    Jeet_Singh I am an HP Employee
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