No hay transporte de papel a las ruedas de la parte trasera

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Las ruedas dentadas están funcionando (con un ruido de desgaste) pero no recogen el papel, por lo que el papel no se transporta a las ruedas traseras. Entonces, por supuesto, la impresora dice Sin papel.

Hay una «mano» que baja para recoger el papel y transportarlo a las ruedas traseras, ahí va mal.

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    I reviewed your post and understand that the paper is not moving correctly.
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    In order that I may provide you with an accurate solution, I will need a few more details.

    When was the last time the printer was working fine?
    Have you made any software or hardware changes on the computer?
    Have you performed any troubleshooting steps before posting?

    Meanwhile, I recommend you follow the steps in the below article and check if it helps.

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