Cambiar el tamaño del texto o marco o símbolos en las fotos

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Puedo insertar texto, marco y símbolos bonitos, ¡pero no puedo cambiarlos de tamaño! Toman automáticamente una dimensión y no puedo cambiarla... ¿por qué?

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  • I can not resize my photo to be smaller to fit the picture. I use the edit & with my finger & thumb I can only zoom in to make it bigger. I need my picture to be smaller, otherwise part of a face is cut off. Why can’t I zoom out to get all of my photo to fit in the picture?

    Darlene McDonough en
  • Hi @Eviava83
    Welcome to the HP Support Community. I’d be happy to assist you
    Due to the current global COVID-19 situation, we’re seeing an influx of customers coming in for support. We appreciate your patience.
    Pinch your fingers to increase and decrease the emoji’s and text and the frame size cannot be changed.
    Hope this helps! Keep me posted. 

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