¿Se puede utilizar el papel fotográfico de 20 hojas con reverso adhesivo HP ZINK en cualquier impresora HP?

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Hola a todos,



Estaba considerando si existe la posibilidad de utilizar los papeles fotográficos con reverso adhesivo HP ZINK de 20 hojas en cualquier impresora HP.


Me gustaría disculparme si mi pregunta no tiene sentido, pero realmente me gustaría saber si hay alguna manera de hacerlo.



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  • @Gamer-XD wrote:[snip] I was considering whether there is the possibility of using the HP ZINK 20 Sheet sticky-backed photo papers in any HP printer. [snip]Sorry, no.  The ZINK paper has special thermal coating that changes color based on a thermal printhead in a ZINK printer like the Sprocket.  This paper would not work in an Inkjet or Laserjet printer.  None of the HP printers other than the Sprocket are compatible with this paper technology. If you have an HP Inkjet printer there are third party adhesive Inkjet photo papers available that may meet your needs.  Most HP printers can accommodate printer paper down to about 4″×6″, you could print four 2″×3″ prints on each sheet and then cut them apart.

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