Why was the Reveal Feature Retired?

Posted by U_Disappoint_US on

I purchased the Sprocket Select for my daughters knowing the reveal feature would be this one awesome feature they would really love. 

Now I’m so disappointed I fell in that trap! 

I would like to know as a consumer who just spent 200€ on this device with papers and other accessories. Why was this feature removed? Please don’t tell me it was requested by the customers.  Do not insult us more than You already have by not removing videos showing this feature actually exists.

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  • Hi: You are posting your question on a peer to peer forum.  HP will not see or respond to your post, and there isn’t anyone here that knows the answer to your question. I suggest you direct your inquiry to the HP executive team at the link below. https://ssl.www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/connect-with-hp.html

    Paul_Tikkanen on

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