Viewfinder for Sprocket 2-in-1 will not close

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I have had the same issue regarding the viewfinder. I have only owned my sprocket 2-in-1, for less than a month. From the very second that I removed the device from its original packaging I have had the issue of not being able to close the viewfinder. I have searched and searched and searched 4 any information or assistance regarding this issue and on all the HP forums, HP Representatives have responded with different websites to visit in order to obtain assistance. All that is fine and well however none of those websites are actually available anymore when you click on them. That or the domain does not exist. Does anyone at HP or elsewhere know why this is such a recurring issue with this device why it is happening or how to fix it?

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  • @Mrs-H-N-Emery
    Welcome to HP Forums,
    Let’s get straight to it!
    Here’s all you need to know about the viewfinder:
    Turn on Camera Mode by opening the Viewfinder, and then take an instant photo.

    Load HP Sprocket Photo Paper.

    Turn on the Sprocket, and then press down on the Viewfinder.
    The Viewfinder opens.

    Do not pull up on the Viewfinder or try to pry it open. This can break the locking mechanism.

    Press down on the Viewfinder

    The Viewfinder opens

    Raise the Viewfinder to your eye, and then press down on the Shutter button.
    The instant photo prints.

    Refer to Page.5 of your product’s user guide for more details: Click here
    If the issue persists, we may need to repair the device as it could be a hardware malfunction, refer to my private message for more details:

    Check your Private message icon on the upper right corner of your HP Forums profile, using the blue envelope: 

    Click here for more details on how to access the private messages on HP Forums

    I hope your day gets better, good luck.

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