Upgrade firmware On sprocket 200 when I can’t connect via Bluetooth

Posted by KevinMcclaughli on

I have an issue. I don't think I an going to get any help or further support though from HP. I have had many communications with them and one is still open now but I hold little hope. There was clearly a built in hardware issue with a large batch of sprockets but HP are so far not willing to address this and replace them. I find it somewhat sad when a company of this size does not acknowledge a clear manufacturing defect and have an in house plan and budget to right their wrong without causing customer dissatisfaction. 


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  • Thanks Kevin.  I’ve got warranty via the shop my husband bought it in.  HPs stance on this is very disappointing.  

    Spacecadet78 on
  • Hi Kevin,I had the same issue. The only way is to bring it to the repair center. I got mine exchanged for a new Sprocket since my warranty was not over yet. Other than that I don’t think you can do anything with it. I find it ridiculous that there is no way to update the firmware if the BT connection does not work. But it seems to be the case. Or it might require very specific knowledge to work around that. And still it might be that there is a (common?) hardware issue with the BT connection.

    Marijus2 on

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