Sprocket won't charge or turn on

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My sprocket printed about 20 pictures and then the battery died. I charged it overnight and the red light is still on. The sprocket will still. It turn on whenter plugged in or not. Shouldn't the batter bee fully charged? It has been 8 hours.

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  • @SunnyRae
    Thank you for posting on HP Forums,
    Flower_Bud is at your service.
    As I understand, your sprocket printer would not power on, 
    No worries, as I’ll be glad to help you, that said, I’ll need a few more details to dissect your concern & provide an accurate solution:
    When was the last time it worked fine?
    Were there any hardware/software changes made?
    Let’s try these steps to resolve the issue: 

    Turn on the printer.

    Locate the reset button near the charging port.
    Figure: Locating the reset button

    Gently insert the straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press the reset button for 3 seconds.
    The printer resets and turns off.

    Turn on the printer.

    If the issue persists, I would suggest you contact our phone support: 
    1) Click on this link – https://hp.care/2moMFSc
    2) Click on “Continue as guest”.
    3) Enter the serial of your device.
    4) Select the country from the drop-down.
    5) Click on “Show Options”.
    Fill the web-form. A case number and phone number will now populate for you.

    Flower_Bud on

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