Sprocket won’t charge

Posted by Karens100 on

Got my sprocket as s Xmas gift. I set it up and got 6 pictures printed. Sprocket turned off and now will not charge

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  • Hi
    I received y sprocket printer Christmas 2019
    Kept being annoying while trying to set it up initially. Used it a handful of times because every since the very first use it won’t hold charge. It will peer on while a cord is plugged in, and will print but the second I take the cord off it’s dead and turns off.

    Shaianne on
  • I wish I had read all these before purchasing. I haven’t used the camera/printer other than trying it out when first purchased on one or two pics. Now that I need to use it for a baby shower I find that it will not hold a charge and now it won’t even turn on. It’s too late to return and I have a lot of film. what a waste of money and now I have to use an old polaroid for guests to take pics and post on a board during the shower. very disappointed and actually angry that so many people have had the same problem. Thank you HP for sucking us all in to buying a defective product.

    Dawn Vulaj on
  • The same thing happens to me. It flashed red/green continuously while trying to charge, and it doesn’t hold power. I haven’t been able to use it for a while, and I am considering buying another brand.

    Ana Martin on
  • I have tried to charge it but the red light just flashes continuously. I have tried different plugs but to no avail.
    Sherry on
  • Same issue for me – purchased 11/2019, and have used a handful of times since. Now, it won’t hold a charge. Just got off of chat support and was 1) accused of buying a refurbished item, 2) was told my warranty explored in 1/2020 (not a typo, they later corrected to November 2020 when I inquired further), and I was told there was nothing HP could do so I should buy a new device. I would not be willing to spend any more money on an HP product based on how this one worked and the customer service response I received.

    Sarah Strohmenger on

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