Sprocket (Second Gen) prints with a magenta shift.

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Hi There! 

I just received the second generation Sprocket ZINK printer from Amazon and started to print images after following the instructions on how to install. 

First few images came out with a magenta shift in the whites and blacks. So I Googled the issue and came across a few threads and followed the steps provided.

  • Make sure printer is at 100% Battery life 
  • Ensure blue print quality card is scanned
  • Give time between prints
  • Update firmware

None of the above worked so I 

  • Rest to factory settings
  • uninstalled & reinstall app and printer.
  • made sure quality card was scanned etc. 

still getting a magenta shift.


Please help. I was so excited to see how far ZINK technology has evolved since I lasted tried it out years back. Still not living up to my expectations. Not expecting amazing quality, but at least decent color?




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