Sprocket not printing

Posted by cbl123 on

I am about to throw my sprocket at a wall!!!!!!!

There are so many issues in my Hp Sprocket Plus.

First, the sprocket turns off mid print. After sending the photo from my phone to the printer, it will begin to print and then just shut off!!! When I  turn the printer back on the job continues but the rest of the photo is white. 

Second, the sprocket will only turn on if it is connected to the charger. I try to turn it on when its not connected and when it has 100% battery but it wont turn on. I might as well use my at home printer if this is not portable. 

I have tried everything to fix this: restarted the printer, my phone, reinstalled the app, reconnected, tried from different devices...the list goes on. 

Very frustrated with Hp support as well. Have been waiting to speak with an agent for hours and no one has entered the chat. Awful product, I have not even been able to print one good picture. If you can, return it! 

Throwing it at a wall seems like it has a better chance of helping than support agents. 

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