Sprocket not finding printer

Posted by D-Joy97 on

My Sprocket app can’t find my printer.  I have tried all 5 steps recommended on the troubleshooting. Nothing is working. I attempted it several times. 
My Bluetooth is enabled & location is also enabled.  The app also shows the printer is paired.  But don’t see my printer on the list of device in the app. On my device, the Bluetooth shows the printer is connected but the sprocket app says can’t find device.  
Everything was fine yesterday. I updated my phone & apps & now I’m having problems. 

I did call the support line. Was on hold for almost 2 hours & then someone disconnected me. I was very upset. I’m hoping this will actually get me some answers.

Thank you

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  • Thank you. It worked!

    D-Joy97 on
  • Yes, this is the solution. Worked for me too.

    CrochetPlush on
  • Thank you, I will try that. 

    D-Joy97 on
  • I just had the same issue and tried doing all of the steps on hp’s site. I finally deleted the app, version date 1/20, then downloaded the app again. It worked. The new app looks completely different but it connected right away during setup. Hope you get yours to work!

    Tlc221 on

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