Sprocket 200 won't charge or turn on for set up

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I have recent got a second hand sprocket 200. However it will not charge, when it is plugged in it's charge light is always red, The front LED light does not turn on. I have tried turning it on and it does not. I have tried resetting it and it won't work. 

I am trying to find out if i can get it repaired,however i cannot find out how. Can you please help as this is stressful? the virtual agent is terrible as it doesn't have a repair option and it would be nice to speak to an actual person about it 


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  • @dannixr
    Welcome to HP support community.
    Reset the printer

    Remove the paper cover.

    Locate the Reset button.

    With a paperclip or pin, press and hold the Reset button for 3 seconds.
    The printer resets.

    You can refer this HP document for more assistance:- Click here
    I hope that helps.
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